Shell casting for production of precision parts

Omnidex Mining has been providing shell casting solutions to the mining sector for many years. As with all other casting options we provide, we closely monitor and manage all material specifications, dimensional accuracy and tolerances throughout the process. We also use powerful simulation software to ensure every casting operation runs as smoothly as possible.

Shell Casting is a process characterized by the use of temporary shell molds made with a resin covered fine sand. The process offers superior dimensional accuracy across a wide range of ferrous and non-ferrous alloys.

The process of Shell Molding:

Step 1

The metal pattern is heated to between 175°C (350°F) and 370°C (700°F). (The pattern can be used many times to form multiple shell molds.)

Step 2

Fine sand mixed with a thermosetting resin is poured over the hot pattern to form the mold.

Step 3

The pattern and sand are inverted to remove excess sand, leaving a shell mold.

Step 4

The shell is further heated in an oven to harden and then removed from the pattern.

Step 5

Two or more shells are combined to form a mold.

Step 6

The shell mold is placed inside a flask, and surrounded with shot, sand, or gravel for metal pouring.

The Shell is filled with molten metal
The Shell is filled with molten metal
Green Sand Recycle System
Resin Sand Core
Shell Casting
Shell Casting
Shell Casting Stack
Shell Casting Stack
Shell Casting Core Mould
Shell Casting Core Mould

This process has a number of advantages:

These advantages make Shell Molding the ideal solution for large-scale production of small to medium-sized high-precision parts. It is often used in the manufacture of oil and gas components, camshafts, crankshafts, gear housings and many more.

Crankshaft of the diesel engine
Crankshaft of the diesel engine
Screw Shaft
Screw Shaft
Camshaft for two wheeler
Camshaft for two wheeler

It should be reminded that Shell Casting also has its own disadvantages and limitations:

Simulation Result (Before)
Simulation Result (After)
Simulation Result (Before)
Simulation Result (After)

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