Our fabrication processes are endless.  With precision we can cut, bend, punch, TIG weld, MIG weld, arc weld, broach, turn, machine, EDM, powder coat, spray paint, galvanize, anodize, and so on.

Materials include mild steel, high allow steels, iron, aluminium, brass, bronze, magnesium, titanium.
For the mining industry we offer:

Metal Cutting

Plasma cutting

Waterjet cutting

Laser cutting

Metal bending

Steel bending

CNC Bending

Roll forming steel sheet

Roll forming

Machining workshop

Machining workshop

Machining workshop


Steel punching

Steel punching

Punching Machine


Hot forging

Hot forging


Tig welding

Mig welding

Arc welding

Arc welding

Welded Aluminium fuel tank

Welded Aluminium fuel tank

Robort Welding


Powder coating

Powder coating

Spray painting

Galvanized Steel

Gauge check


Heat steak operation

Heat steak operation

Silk screen printing

Laser etching

Dynamical balancing

Water proof testing

ISO12500 Laboratory

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Phone no.:
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   +86 20 8388 7080
   UK: +44 (0)808 123 0080
   USA/Canada:  + 1 (800) 967 2110


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