Precision Machining

Many modern industrial equipment requires high-precision parts that are difficult to make with traditional manufacturing processes. The solution to this problem is CNC machining.

CNC stands for ‘computer numerical control’. The technology employs computer-controlled mills or lathes to make the desire part out of a block of material. This process is fully automated with extremely high precision and accuracy. It is also suitable for a wide range of metals and alloys.

As an expert in mining equipment, we are well-aware of the need for large CNC machining in the mining industry. Omnidex Mining specializes in the manufacturing of super-size parts, and our precision machining capabilities includes extra-large bed size machines capable of machining these incredibly large parts.

CNC Milling

A CNC milling machine uses a rotating multi-point cutting tools to progressively remove material from the workpiece to produce a part or product. 

We possess a range of three, four or five axis industrial grade CNC milling machines, built by reputable manufacturers from USA, Germany, Japan, Taiwan and China. 3 axis machines are used for simple work, while 4 axis and 5 axis machines can handle more complicated shapes.

Maximum part size: 20 m x 4 m x 3 ms

Maximum machining area: 12 m x 3.5 m x 2.5 m

CNC Lathe (Turning)

A CNC lathe machine rotates the workpiece in a spindle while a fixed cutting tool slices chips off of it. This process is ideal for cylindrical parts that have symmetry around the same axis.

Maximum part diameter: 2.5 m

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