Sand Casting

Sand casting production line
Sand casting production line
Automatic Sand casting production line
Automatic Sand casting production line
Assemble sand mold
Assemble sand mold

Sand Casting where quality is guaranteed

Omnidex Mining is an expert in Sand Casting with over 16 years of experience in the field, and we have just celebrated 10 years of ISO 9001 certification. Our total commitment to quality is what makes us stand out from others.

Our Expertise in Sand Casting

British owned and managed, Omnidex Mining makes high quality Sand Casting parts at competitive price by liaising with specialized foundries in China and Vietnam. We have been working with these highly experienced, specialist foundries for many years and we have a thorough understanding of their capacity and performance. Here are the pros and cons of Sand Casting:



Guaranteed quality with our Sand Castings

Omnidex Mining excels in the quality of sand castings. We often work with companies to produce castings for equipment valued at many millions of dollars, and any error or fault can be very costly.

We are also aware of the inconsistent quality in some of the products on the market. Some suppliers in the Sand Casting sector can struggle with quality control, especially when the pressure is on and a heavy daily output is required. Here are some of the more common Sand Casting issues:

The Shell is filled with molten metal
The Shell is filled with molten metal
Green Sand Recycle System
That is why we offer a guarantee on the quality of our castings – no porosity, no inclusions, total dimensional accuracy and all materials certified. Should our customer not satisfied with our work, all payments will be refunded, no questions asked. Learn more about our Omnidex Mining Guarantee here.

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Quality Sand Casting is what we do

Regardless of what some traditional foundries might tell you, there is no mystery or magic when it comes to Sand Casting – Our casting process follows a series of tried and tested procedures to achieve its full potential. These include pattern making, mold making, pouring, cooling and shakeout, reclamation, cleaning, fettling and finishing. 

Omnidex Sand Casting Process Video

Our goals are simple: zero porosity, zero inclusions and impeccable quality. Issues such as shrinking defects and porosity can be prevented if Sand Casting is done in the right way. Here is how we ensure the quality of our products:

Sand Casting Parts

Sand Casting Pattern

Resin Sand Core

Automatic Sand Mold Building Machine

Spectrograph machine

Spectrograph Machine

Casting slicing

Casting Slicing

Porosity simulation

Porosity Stimulation

Pre-production simulations

Pre-production simulations

Anti-rust coatings

Anti-rust Coatings

Powder Coating

Powder Coating

Choose the best process for your project

Sand casting can be used to make a diverse range of products, including very large casting pieces. Materials are relatively inexpensive and can resist deformation in tough conditions.

Sand Casting Parts
Sand Casting Part
Sand Casting Part
Pump Casting Part
Crusher Jaw Plate
Sand Casting part
Sand Casting part

Sand Casting can be used to make a diverse range of products, including very large casting pieces. Materials are relatively inexpensive and can resist deformation in tough conditions.

Just like any other processes, Sand Casting does have its limitations (such as a higher level of waste), but in the hands of experts and specialists, it is by far the best process to use when producing large, complex components with extremely close tolerances.

If you are looking for a Sand Casting specialist to help you with your next project, don’t hesitate to contact us. You can also learn more about other casting processes on this website.

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