Die casting Tool Making
Die casting Tool Making
Die casting machine parts by high precision CNC lathe
Die casting machine parts by high precision CNC lathe
Die casting machine parts by high precision CNC lathe
Die casting machine parts by high precision CNC lathe

Die Casting services with high dimensional accuracy

Die Casting is another popular metal casting process that is used in virtually every industry. Omnidex Mining has been using this process to produce precision castings with good surface finish to the satisfaction of many customers in the mining industry for many years. As an expert in Die Casting, we also provide Die Casting assembly and finishing services. 

At Omnidex Mining, we use the latest software to simulate molten metal flow during the Die Casting process so we can highlight feed points and identify areas where improvements can be made. Our many years of experience allow us to produce top quality castings with optimum material specifications, highly accurate dimensions and tolerances, and impeccable surface finish (through detail final cleaning and specialized painting). We also use our expertise to guarantee clean sprue removal and keep waste to a minimum.

What is special about Die Casting?

The modern Die Casting process involves the use of specialized Die Casting machines, which forces molten metal into a mold cavity with high pressure to form the required parts. This is a very efficient method that can produce identical parts at a very high production rate.

Omnidex Die Casting Process Video

Here are the pros and cons of Die Casting:



Overview on different alloys used in Die Casting

It is best to use non-ferrous alloys as aluminium, magnesium, zinc, brass and copper alloys for die casting.

Lightweight, but they can withstand the highest operating temperatures of all alloys.

Extremely light yet durable but difficult to machine.

Easiest to die cast and is a good low-cost alternative to fabricating or machining parts.

Excellent resistance to corrosion and lower finishing costs.

Offers the highest mechanical properties compared to other die casting alloys. They are also resistant to corrosion and wear but they cost the most.

Aluminium Die Casting Part
Aluminium Die Casting Part for Automotive and Electrical Equipment
Aluminium Die Casting Part for Automotive and Electrical Equipment
Die Casting Part
Die casting part
Die casting part

Want to learn more about other casting processes? Check out other processes on our website! Also feel free to contact us and find out how we can help with your next project.

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