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Ownership and Management

Omnidex Mining is a British owned and managed company specialized in the production of mining equipment. Our experience in the industry provide us the unique insight into your needs and concerns in the manufacturing of mining equipment and machinery.


We operate in five locations across 4 time zones. Our proximity to the sub-contractors and manufacturing sources ensures the world-class quality we promised, while our international offices can keep in touch with our global clients. Our production and quality control engineers follow every project on-site to carry out inspections, provide professional advice and oversee quality control.

Expertise in Manufacturing

Whatever your requirements may be, rest assured that we can provide the expertise you are looking for. For a decade we have honed our engineering skills in the mining sector. Our engineers possess more than 480 combined years of expertise. We are proud of our prowess in the design and making of mining equipment, offering 73 different manufacturing processes in casting, machining, fabrication and finishing.

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Commitment to Quality

Quality is always the top priority. Omnidex Mining has been ISO 9001 certified for 12 years. Our quality control starts from the moment an order is received and runs through the entire production process. From first article inspection (FAI) to final shipping, our quality inspectors are constantly working to ensure everything is up to the highest standards.

Offering great mining equipment solutions and services with the best quality


We know the mining business requires the highest level of workmanship and service, while still acutely conscious of the cost. We base our production operations in South East Asia to lower labour and overhead costs, while upholding our commitment to deliver products up to the toughest quality standards of the mining industry. No cutting corners or slacking on our watch.

Offering great mining equipment solutions and services with the best quality casting, fabrication, machining products


English is our chosen corporate language, and our communication and management systems are all in English. 85% of our staff are bilingual; 47% trilingual; some of our language experts can speak four to five languages or dialects. Why is this important to you? Effective communication puts everyone on the same page, and you can be assured that there will be no confusion on your projects.

Project Management

For your peace of mind, we immediately schedule a timeline and freeze the baseline upon receiving an order. Every week we produce an easy to understand timeline report so you know exactly how the project is doing and when you can expect delivery for your order.

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Customer Satisfaction

Most companies like to hear that you are happy with their products and services, but we go beyond that – we want you to be ecstatic. This is one of our core corporate values and the reason why we have a solid base of repeating customers. At the time of writing, there are 11 customers who have been with us for over a decade; 15 for more than seven years; 25 for more than five years and an impressive 41 for more than three years!

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